A quintessential Maine experience

Ever since I was a little girl, my family has been obsessed with lighthouses. My dad would pile us into the van and we’d drive down the east coast viewing various lighthouses from state to state. Once we even had one single vacation solely on visiting all of the lighthouses in North Carolina, I hated it. Now as a semi responsible adult I have really learned to love lighthouses and all they stand for. Lighthouses symbolizes, strength, and individuality, they represent hope and a safe haven.

Maine has to be my favorite state in the country. While New York will always be my home, Maine has my heart. I dream of the day I buy a cabin to retire to on it’s rocky coastline, eating a lobster roll surrounded by spruce trees. I’ve been to Maine 3 times now, and my time spent there is never long enough. Whenever I go to Maine there are two things I must immediately do, get a lobster roll and stop at a lighthouse. First stop right in York, is Nubble Lighthouse. This is a great stop off when you are road tripping and need a break. York itself is a really cool town, with a great beach and shops and restaurants. But I beeline it right for Nubble and Fox’s Lobster, I grab a roll, to go sit in awe of the little island across the way with waves crashing down on it. To me this is a quintessential Maine experience. No matter the weather, the season, its just a must. And by no way am I claiming these are the BEST lobster shacks, I haven’t been to enough to confidently make an assessment, but none disappointed me!

Another great place to go visit some lighthouses is Portland!! What an awesome little city! I went back in March 2018 for a long weekend birthday trip, with my brother. We saw three lighthouses within Maine. Possibly the most famous being Portland Head Light and then two others called Spring Ledge and Bug Light. Spring Ledge had to be my favorite, as there was a great rocky path leading up to the lighthouse which made for an interesting walk.

Mount Desert Island, home to Acadia National Park, also home to lots of lobster and one famous lighthouse. I will make a post about my love for Acadia, but because of its popularity and great coastal access there is a LOT of lobster in Acadia. Finding it in Bar Harbor might be a little more pricey than going up to Trenton or Southwest Harbor, which depending on where you are staying is about a 10-20 minute drive. The main lighthouse within Acadia NP is Bass Harbor Head Light. To get the perfect view might be a bit tricky for some. Navigating over boulders sitting in the ocean right at the cliff of the Lighthouse is a bit jarring. Although, it always makes for the best view, I was recently there in August and despite the crowd, with some patience you can get the perfect shot. Afterwards you have limitless options on where you can get some great lobster. A personal favorite is Lobster Pound and Real Pit BBQ, located in Trenton ME. A Maine classic would be Downeast Lobster Pound, also in Trenton.

COVID is messing  a lot of things up right now. But a road trip is a safe alternative to flying which you might not able to maintain social distancing always. If you are in the New England area I’d highly suggest giving Maine a try. They have slowly begun to open the state back up. However, I’d suggest visiting the Acadia NP website as they are starting to require reservations to some parts of the park. Even if you are able to make it up there for a long weekend, research some of the Coastal towns of Maine. York, Kennebunkport, Portland, and Old Orchard Beach are some some off the top of my head. We need to get a little creative in these unrepresented times to feel a bit normal. And to me, lobster rolls and some good views in nature is about as good as it gets.

Lighthouse Map

Lighthouses Lobster Shacks
Nubble Lighthouse, Sohier Park Rd, York, ME 03909Lobster Pound and Real Pit BBQ 324 Bar Harbor Rd, Trenton, ME 04605
Portland Head Lighthouse, 12 Captain Strout Cir, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107Fox’s Lobster House 8 Sohier Park Rd, York, ME 03909
Bug Light Park, S Portland Greenbelt Pathway, South Portland, ME 04106Stewman’s Lobster Pound 35 West St, Bar Harbor, ME 04609
Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, 2 Fort Rd, South Portland, ME 04106Downeast Lobster Pound 1192 Bar Harbor Rd, Trenton, ME 04605
Doubling Point Lighthouse, Doubling Point Rd, Arrowsic, ME 04530 
Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse, Bass Harbor, ME 04653 

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