It’s my party…

Currently, it’s Day 7 of self-quarantine. Like everyone else in the world my own world has been completely turned upside down with the impact of the COVID-19 virus. But today is supposed to be a more special and stand alone day for me, because it’s my birthday.

But all of that has been put on hold, because well the world has also been put on hold. Does that make me feel any better? Not really. My morning consisted of venturing out to see if toilet paper has been stocked at grocery or stores around my area. Because peoples common sense, and judgement have completely left the building. To top it off, its raining here in New York, so I can’t even go out on a walk. Wow I sound a little petty, but just feeling a bit alone these days. My boyfriend is stuck in the Bronx and for the first time in a couple of years he won’t be with me. Normally we travel for birthdays but obviously that was cancelled.

I have to be honest its hard, I feel pretty isolated, and there is a lot of negative media right now. So in an effort to distance yourself from that you look at other options but there is really only so many episodes of Outlander I can handle.

If you are feeling anxiety, reach out to someone, I’ve been trying to text/call people more often. Just a simple hello, and asking how they are can go a long way. A couple of my girlfriends FaceTime-ed the other day, so crazy how some social interaction can lift the spirits tenfold, in this time of Social Distancing. I love going on little adventures with my girlfriends and this time has given me a lot of time to research more ideas! Visit your local community websites, they give great advice on things to do around your neighborhoods! Some things to look forward to and chat about doing when all of this hopefully blows over soon.

Breathing exercises have always been super helpful to me. I tend to run a bit hot blooded so laying on the floor, counting backwards and just simply breathing works for me. Morning mediation or stretching is also a great way to stay semi active and as balanced as you possibly can. With gym closures, not that I was really going anyways, have now started streaming services where you can get some in-home classes. Determined not the gain the quarantine-15 I found some free work out videos on Amazon Prime, which are pretty great! Who knew when you have an infinite time to browse on categories you would never think to look at before -_-

But for me boredom is soo real right now, we have been working from home since last week. New York City has been on shut down and I don’t see it getting better any time soon, and I’ve taken the self-quarantine very seriously after experiencing some scary wait times of people testing for the virus.  Yesterday I tackled reorganizing my closest, and doing a bit of a spring cleaning purge, its always a great feeling to feel organized. Writing has always been an outlet so typing this out, and knowing I have the same insecurities as a lot of people in the world right now is comforting. Somehow we are together while at the same time being alone. There are tons of outlets and blogs out there giving much better advice then me on how to stay active both mentally and physically. Great routines for working from home if you are lucky enough to be granted access. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty right now, but there is always tomorrow, and its always another opportunity to achieve or obtain greatness. It just how you decide to approach it.

So for this years birthday its adult paint by numbers, wine, and homemade cinnamon buns, knowing there is always next year.

But looking back here’s to last year’s birthday road tripping the Blue Ridge Mountain Range, what I wouldn’t give to be there at this moment.

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3 thoughts on “It’s my party…

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! 🙂 I’m sorry it’s feeling shitty right now. We are in the middle of a snow storm and getting ready to paint river rocks. Hang in there!

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      1. Yes we are! Jase and I rent a cabin on a mountain. We have his 2 daughters ages 11 and 9. They flew in from PA on Tuesday as their mom is a nurse and the girls school is closed. We are keeping busy while hibernating. Be well ❤️

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