Shooting the Breeze Vol. 6

Welcome to 2020! Hope everyone is having a wonderful beginning of a new decade!

Things are off to a roaring start for me with a brand new job! In an effort to make the house hunt work in our favor I began looking at jobs in New York City so we are able to have a much wider variety of where we plan on living. I actually found a job super quick and started the beginning of February!  Yay for me, it’s a great move and I couldn’t be happier. Do you ever feel like when you are looking for a position that all you want is to find yourself somewhere that’s relaxed. My last job was awesome, but I just never really felt relaxed there, I was always running at 180 mph and making sure every task was complete. I feel here that I can really get a good work life balance going, which is just so great for mental health, overall health really.


I was sent to Phoenix for training for four days, and it was absolutely lovely. Phoenix is such a great city, sort of reminded me of Austin where it was a newer city where a lot of people are moving too. While I didn’t get to experience too much as I was in full training mode I did get to visit the Desert Botanical Garden which was soo nice!

Only a 15 minute drive from the international airport there , it would be a great place to visit for an extended layover to stretch your legs! I find in every city but New York, the Uber or Lyft pick ups from the airport are so well organized and they can take you right to a special drop off at the Garden!

Their current exhibit which I was able to visit was “Wild Rising by Cracking Art” its free with the price of admission which I believe was about $25.00, not bad if you stay for a few hours. There were also some Chihuly sculptures there in the front entrance which I noticed from a trip to the NY Botanical Gardens, another must see.

I read that all of the Cracking Art figures lit up in the evening which I imagine was a really fun way to see the garden. I unfortunately left around sunset because I still had some must visits before getting a proper night sleep as I was travelling next day after work. Yes I am a grandma.

Its really hard to make the time for fun activities during business trips I find. While this was only my second real business trip I always try and make a point of doing something for myself on these trips, where it doesn’t affect your main business objective there.

I did however for my very first time stop at an In and Out, and I can say however I am a Shake Shack girl for life. In and Out, step up your fry game.

I hope to post more here, I really want to start taking advantage of working in the city again and visiting places I normally wouldn’t. Maybe some free spots in the city I suppose? It is still really really cold here so I’ll have to see what I can manage. I hope everyone are hitting their goals and resolutions or happily and abandoning them and loving themselves as is!


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