A Reflection for 2019

Happy New Year everyone! Hope all have a beautiful and peaceful New Year Eve’s with your loved ones, or enjoying some relaxing solitude.

What a year this has been, I entered in gun blazing and now I feel at peace with everything this year has given me. What would a year be without some highs and lows. I mean I started this blog for one! And I kept it up, just renewed it for next year and hoping to really devote some more content that people might actually find interesting!!

I got to travel a bunch from a great girls trip in Austin with my bestests, a Blue Ridge road trip and Quebec bliss with Z. I have to consider myself so lucky that I am fortunate to do these things.

I have made peace with the friendships I have lost, the ones I have kept, and the new ones I found. I am finding more and more that surrounding yourself with lots of people will NEVER outweigh friendships with a solid few good ones.  My relationship with my parents is stronger than ever and I couldn’t thank my parents enough for being the most understanding and awesome people I know. Don’t ever lose your cool Mom and Dad.

I managed to stay one more year in my job. Surprisingly I can still walk in make big decisions, and stand behind them with straight confidence. Looking back at myself in 2009 working as a receptionist hating my freaking life but reveling in the fact of a full time job with benefits. I couldn’t imagine I’d end up where I am now as a manager with 5 people reporting to me at a multi-million dollar company.  Proud Working Girl moment, just minus the Harrison Ford, unfortunately.

We said good-bye to my slice of heaven apartment this year but I got to enjoy it for three beautiful ones. I checked off some pretty big accomplishments within my personal life that I am really proud of. I’m super bummed about leaving, a couple of months ago it was pretty devastating for me. Now seeing the progress and turning it into my benefit in just a month proves to me that we have made the right decision.

2019 was pretty good to me, and I hope it was good for you too. If not I hope 2020 is your year, I certainly plan on making it mine!

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