Shooting the Breeze Vol 5.

You know those type of travelers that turn into little mini tour guides on vacation and already know which square you’re coming up to and the significance. Well, that’s me. I mean I don’t know every square, but I will go on Google Earth before going and map out everything around my hotel, and then “drive around” and check out my surroundings. Normal right?

Two Types of Travelers

We just came back from a week long getaway to Quebec City. We opted to not take a tour around the city, mainly because we wanted to do everything at our pace. But with that being said due to my love of tours I wanted to make sure we had something to do each day. So cue my OCD nature into becoming a full blown travel agent. Honestly I love doing stuff like this, and I always enjoyed creating vacations for friends or family. I spreadsheet everything into days, because I am a psycho, and send to everyone I travel with.  It just makes me feel better having done the research and knowing what to do. I don’t think I could ever be one of those people that go to a city knowing barely anything and just roaming around. I am so Type A I think it would give me anxiety. What do you all prefer, having plan or not? And feel free to steal my excel! If you want the actual document just let me know!


I love looking through Pinterest for things to do! Does anyone else do this? I find for an easy guide to figuring out the city it’s the best way. Sure you can go and buy the travel books, but I find reading about peoples own experiences is so much better for me. Then I pin all of my finds into a temporary board and then work off of that. I’ll link my Pinterest, mostly it’s just Home Decor and Travel, if you are into that sort of thing!

Honestly I really can’t say enough good things about Quebec City. Its really an escape to Europe without going over the Atlantic. We drove, making it there in 10 hours while stopping in the Adirondacks and getting bagels in Montreal! The city of Quebec City is super easy to navigate, and the historical section of the city, is beautifully preserved. French is the province’s first language but everyone speaks English. Everyone is super polite, and I almost find myself liking Quebec better than France….dare I say.

The upcoming weeks I plan on blogging about 3 of our big days in Quebec City, with the Old Town, Île d’Orléans, and all of the nature stops around Quebec City. I feel like I couldn’t have planned a better vacation, and it honestly couldn’t have gone better. It was just one of those trips that everything fell into place. Below is my lovely spreadsheet of all the things we had planned for the trip, mostly we checked off about 99% of it, which almost never happens.

Processed with VSCO with ka1 preset
Processed with VSCO with ka1 preset

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