Girls Weekend! Austin, Texas!

Ever just need a girls weekend?? Well, this girl definitely did! 😊

My friend Desiree and I traveled down to Austin, Texas to visit our friend Samantha. We all originally met at a dreaded terrible workplace that will not be named and survived it through the odds. Since then we have all moved to various locations and no longer spend 40+ hours out of the week with each other. [Talk about a transition when it happened] So when I was presented with a long weekend spending with my two favorite girls I jumped at the opportunity. Plus may I mention how cool the city Austin is! I previously visited on an unusually cold December weekend and had a blast, so we took full advantage of this glorious summer weekend. I present you with my Quick Guide to a Semi-Vegan girls weekend in Austin Texas! Yes, both of my girlfriends are vegan so if you are expecting BBQ and Bull riding, turn around now, or continue reading for a fun and healthier, fresher version that you might not expect!


Des and I flew out Friday and got in mid afternoon. The Austin international airport is so nice, why is every airport I visit outside of JFK so much more modern and clean then all of the airports in New York combined. Does New York just want to remind everyone they are coming for a more gritter “Fuhgeddaboudit” feel? Well, anyways we got an uber and Sam met us at home and we had some delish vegan pizza and just caught up and got ready for the next full two days ahead!



Like I said both these girls are vegan, I am by no means a picky eater, and Austin has so many options to choose from!  We started off by going to downtown Austin to Bouldin Creek Coffee House for breakfast. Oh man is this place amazing, Sam and I got the El Tipico and Des got the Renedict. I did get actual cheese on mine, but I am sure it would have been just as good without. Oh and can I please mention the BLUEBERRY CORNBREAD, OMG#$%^&. Whoever thought this up, I love you, and you’re a flipping genius.

After breakfast we walked over and took some pictures at the Austin mural, we ran into a touring scooter gang. They offer scooter tours around Austin and if I wasn’t already with a local I would totally have done something like this. I’ve only done one bike tour and it resulted with me getting tapped by a Metro bus on the Champs De’Elysees, so not that great of a memory. I’d like to try this again, are we Pro Scooter or Segway Tours or do we hate them?? Interested to hear your thoughts, or stories to muster up some courage.

After walking around in the heat we headed over for some R&R at McKinney Falls State Park, this place is cooolllll. We hung out at the Upper Falls swimming hole, it looked like something out of an old volcano honestly. There were plenty of places for jumping off the cliffs and we saw an abundance of turtles! Sam had the master idea of bringing some floats and we just relaxed for the day.

Afterwards we snacked on some vegan soft served ice cream, because ice cream for lunch makes sense while you are on vacation. Shout out to Sweet Ritual where I have zero pictures of the ice cream because it was devoured in 2 minutes. Afterwards we headed back to the house to get ready for hitting the town and getting some dinner and drinks at the popular South Congress Street area!


We chose Güero’s Taco Bar  which is salsa bar & hand-shaken margaritas in a landmark building with a patio. They had some great Vegan Menu Options as well. Honestly guys why don’t we have more of this in New York!? I did get some shrimp fajitas and the girls got this incredible looking cashew queso and then some vegan tacos. We also had some pretty awesome margaritas that I definitely ordered more than one! Afterwards we ventured a little while around the streets taking in all the views.


Breakfast tacos!!!!!!! Texas has some great ones, guys these breakfast tacos were like the reason I was excited to be coming back to Austin. We went to Vegan Nom, which is a super cute food truck in a little parking area with some outdoor seating available. I always thought with my peanut allergy it would be difficult for me to do a full vegan lifestyle, and admittedly in New York it is, and I am not sure if I’d miss dairy and eggs. But if I lived in Austin, I would 10000% be fine living a vegan lifestyle because I could literally eat Vegan Nom for breakfast, lunch and dinner, its just that good. I got some tofu scramble, potatoes with the vegan queso. Its just out of this world, I high suggest stopping here, vegan or not, it will not disappoint.

Now happy and full we drove about 40 minutes outside of Austin to San Marco River for a day full of lazy river tubing at Don’s Fish Camp. This was SO MUCH FUN! Its about a 2.5ish hours where you can tie yourselves to your friends and BYOB and just enjoy the ride. We unfortunately  didn’t bring any alcohol but it was a blast none the less! It was so much fun floating down the river and a couple of little falls. We rented the tubes, which came out to $22.00, I did end up buying a waterproof phone case there for $20.00 which I can definitely reuse and was a cute little souvenir !

Afterwards we headed back to the house for a quick change to head back out again to the South Congress area. We switched it up from Mexican to Japanese and grabbed some sushi! Lucky Robot on S. Congress is a newer wave Asian fusion, with again some great vegan options. I instead opted to get some normal sushi and as they only offer environmentally-responsible seafood, really could taste the difference!


Later we got a quick uber more downtown to the Congress Avenue Bridge area so we can see the bats! What a highlight of the trip for me, as I always wanted to witness something like this. When Austin redid their Congress Avenue Bridge it became an ideal bat cave to the migrating Mexican free-tailed bats. Summer time is the best time to view the bats as that when their population is at its peak, about 1 million bats! They start heading out after 8:30pm. We took a tour with Lone Star Riverboats, which at an affordable $12 per person was a great option for us, as we got a little mini tour of the city skyline and sunset views prior to seeing the bats. Afterwards they place you right underneath the bridge where the bats are flying out from! *Note: if you go this route, book the tickets online in advance, and make sure to be there 30 mins prior before boarding. If you are not there 15 mins prior to boarding your tickets become up for grabs. So be prompt!


We ended up taking a super early flight on Monday morning, like 5am early so I was back in New York by noon time. Its only a 4 hours plane ride from New York to Austin, while its 100% worth it for me so I can see my BFFLS<3 I highly suggest this city! No matter your dietary needs this city is obviously ready and up for the challenge to show you all of the amazing options it has to offer. Cannot wait for the next time!

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