My Summer Camping Packing List

Summers are busy. All we want to do is take advantage of beautiful weather, the warmth and just overall being tan. So a summer must for my boyfriend and I is to go camping. This allows us to get away from normal distractions of everyday, and a place where cellphone service is non existent. So you have a valid excuse for why you aren’t checking those work emails, because who wants to do that anyways….

In June we went for a long weekend in the Catskills, NY to a campground called North South Lake. Its about 2 hours north of New York City, and you can reserve your campsite right on Reserve America! There are some great hiking, kayaking and waterfalls right in the general area. Kaaterskills Falls is a very short drive. Artist’s Rock, Sunset Rock, Newman’s Ledge, and Boulder Rock are within walking distance from the campground, but if you wanted a shorter hike you can park in the main North Lake parking lot.

Camping for a long weekend can lead to a lot of over packing, this time around I really went minimal. I feel for the most part these are the most essential items to make sure to bring. Of course I forgot some things, like a sponge for washing pots, but you make due. Everything is listed and linked below, some items I already had so I will link the closest to it!

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The Big Items 

  1. The Tent I have had this Eddie Bauer tent FORREVER its huge and I don’t even think they make tents anymore -but my friends have this Coleman so I recommend!
  2. Camping Chairs -these amazon chairs were amazing, and totally reasonable!
  3. Air Mattress -this is a pretty thin air mattress TBH, but you’re not sleeping on the ground so that’s a plus
  4. Blow Up Pillows -OK I loved these, my boyfriend not so much ^_^
  5. Eno Double Hammock – I got this for Z for his birthday a couple of years ago and it’s soooo great!
  6. Fold-able Backpacks – I flipping swear by these, I normally keep one in the car for like anything impromptu we might do. The fact that they collapse into these small bags means I can throw it into a carry on and its not going to take up a lot of space!
  7. Also pictured were some sheets I would not recommend but sheets and blankets are a given, also a cooler, which I did not picture but that is a must!

The Must Haves

Normally I will hit up a Dollar Store before going to a camping trip. There I pick up plates, forks, spatula, paper towels, garbage, big water jugs. I don’t buy any of this stuff in bulk or at Target because we are outside and its all going to get ruined. So I rather spend $1.00 knowing it probably won’t be coming home anyways. But I did get some other things that came super handy.

  1. My Amazon Basics Skillet -this isn’t your Grandma’s skillet passed down to you, its $15.00 and if it gets completely ruined because you left it in the fire or outside overnight because you might have finish that bottle of wine, you don’t feel so bad.
  2. Egg Caddy! Guys this was probably not necessary, but its adorable, and holds my eggs and I can bring up to 10 and not have to worry about them breaking!
  3. Collapsible Water Basin-this is handy but the campsite had a dish cleaning area, or a good place to collect rain water to throw on a fire, just in case.
  4. All Purpose Soap -biodegradable which some camps demand.
  5. First Aid Kit, Tissues, Bug Spray, Deet Bug Spray, Clorox Wipes, Citronella Candles-all musts **don’t forget a sponge like I did -___-

The Fun Stuff

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  1. This phone stand – Guys, this has been my trusted picture taker for many years now. It bends so you can hook it onto a tree, place it on top of your car, or just any flat surface really. I love this thing, as much as one can love a thing.
  2. Lanterns– Honestly I don’t know why these are in this picture, should be in the must haves but oh well…
  3. Camera -I normally have my Canon EOS Rebel for any trips we take, its a great camera.
  4. GoPro! okay I am just starting to get into these, I have the original Hero and my boyfriend has the Hero 7 lol they are a blast to use for anything active. We got some great kayaking videos!
  5. Head Lamps -We didn’t go on any night hikes but when you are cooking in the dark these come in handy, plus they are funny.

And that’s about it! Not pictured were a very large bottle of whiskey and multiple bottles of wine that we managed to go through in 3 days span. One day was all rain so please give us that. We went to a Walmart close to the campsite rather than bring all of the food with us. Basically we got some easy no thrills meals. Walmart Groceries had some pretty awesome burgers that were already seasoned and we got some marinated steaks. All basic stuff which turned out so amazing being cooked over an open fire.

All in all it was a successful trip, we had semi-bad weather, but like I said we made the most of it. Really it was just about getting away and enjoy some peace and quiet away from the normal 9-5. And that’s really the point of it, right?


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