Shooting The Breeze Vol. 2

Does anyone have that one thing that they are willing to just spend whatever on? Well I mean not whatever, my pockets aren’t that deep, but more than what the next person would do.  For me that item is my art, and mainly preserving the art by framing it. My dream would be to have an entire art wall in my dining room. When people would come over and eat, they’d comment on what beautiful artwork I have and I’d be able to speak on all of the amazing places I collected it from. Slowly I have filled my apartment with art from my travels. It just makes me happy to be reminded of where I went, what I saw, and learned from that trip. Its crazy to see how much I have collected and what has been passed down to me.

I think its so important to preserve tradition and cultures, and mostly for everyone to be aware of different cultures and traditions. I feel like with all of the bias and mainly negative media at every outlet, its so easy to gain uneducated prejudices.

To be able to speak intelligently of the beauty I have seen from some of these third world countries, or be able to relate to a city in Europe is so important. I am blown away when people have to ask me, oh is Morocco in Asia, or where exactly is Machu Picchu? I get it, these things might not be important to people. I certain am not up to date with all the tech out there, or the latest trends, and I don’t huge expenses like children. We all have these things that are important to us. But I find that sometimes if people care enough my art leads to a more in depth conversation about different places. And isn’t that what really matters though, educating the world one happy art filled conversation at a time.

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