A few Summer Activities

So summer is basically in full swing here in New York! Memorial Day weekend was sunny and hot. But since I am doing a dry May, kinda boring, ONLY T-minus 4 days until I can start drinking again and generally be a happier person. If I sound like an alcoholic because of it, so be it, but wine makes me happy. As I stated before on this blog we are budgeting our entire lives because we are saving up for a house. So this summer I need to make the most of it on a budget!  I’m brainstorming all of the things one can do on a budget. I’d loveeee to hear anyone else’s plans for this summer!!

Farmer’s Markets

So you might be surprised but on Long Island we got a lot of farmer’s markets. The East End we still have a pretty decent population of farms and they bring out all of their organic produce to sell. Last year on Sundays we’d wake up early and head over! Our favorite thing to do was buy some artisan bread and fresh eggs and make a really nice breakfast. Probably couldn’t be more than $15, which for two people for a nice breakfast is not bad at all! I find if you check out Facebook a lot of the town sites will post when they have theirs.

Brewery Crawls

Ok, so this might not be super budget friendly but I love me a good brewery crawl. This really could be any time of year but in my opinion there is nothing better than sitting out on a deck with a flight sampler. We have one planned in a couple of weekends and generally how I operate them is find maybe 3 within 30 mins of each other, and lunch spot in between. If you need to drive, hopefully you have someone who doesn’t like beer in the group….because drunk driving is just a big no no. But anyways I usually get a flight sampler and then if I like something I’ll buy a growler, normally we already have the growler and then they will fill it up.  Its great to support your local businesses, and then you have some nice local beer for the rest of the week!

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Beach Day

I’m really lucky and live about 5 mins away from the beach. This is my GO TO budget friendly thing to do! We just pack up some sandwiches and some drinks and then go to the beach. Whether its with friends or just by yourself I am always game. If its just me or with my boyfriend I bring my kindle or a game, honestly I can spend the entire day there. Just make sure you bring enough food for you to last there a while. If you’re going with a bunch of friends I find pot-lucking a beach day is also a great budget friendly thing to do!


We got two camping trips already planned this summer.  We book the spots via Reserve America, which is such an easy site to use. Just type in the area you want to be in and lists all of the available campsites around. Also its rates and have great reviews, I highly recommend. Booking a campsite for the night its WAY less than booking a hotel room, for sure. We aren’t fussy when it comes to camping, basically we bring the essentials and BBQ. You don’t always have to do hamburgers and hot dogs. We’ll go to the grocery store and get some pre-marinated steaks and some veggiess that we’ll dice before we go. So then all we need to do is throw it on the skillet!  If you aren’t big campers and don’t have all the gear readily available there are some great camp websites that provide the tent, etc. and you just need to bring the food. A site we have used was Tentrr and it might be a bit more pricey but its giving you a lot more than the site !


So just brainstorming some other ideas worth looking into !

  • Bonfire nights
  • Find a free concert
  • Flea Markets/Antique Shows
  • Go to the Zoo/ Aquarium
  • Catch a sunrise/ sunset
  • Go to a local carnival
  • Visit a local museum
  • Stargaze -really loving this idea!
  • Have a garage sale -really should consider this one….
  • Have a picnic
  • Self-guided walking tour in your closet city

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