Shooting the Breeze Vol. 1

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time with this, meaning posting things. What is deemed important enough to post, is it witty enough, interesting enough. Is what I am posting going to connect with people, or will people even read it, what am I even posting this for???

All these thoughts have kind of discouraged me, not to add that I haven’t really been doing much lately. My boyfriend and I are really trying to buckle down to save money for a house, so our normal weekend adventures have really taken to the back burner. Which is what I really wanted to focus on for this blog.

So now it’s a reconfiguration on what I want this blog to be for. About a month ago an old friend of mine invited me to be on his podcast. Rey featured me on his “I Like Liking Things: An Exercise in Positivity,” basically we just laughed back and forth with each other about three topics we both had in common. His overall message really resonated with me, just speak about things that make you happy, nothing more or less. Maybe in the beginning I will just rant all over the place and eventually really find my niche but for now, I am just going to spit positivity. This blog is going to be my outlet to word vomit everything and anything that makes me happy, a place for me to vent out my worries and seek advice from my 2.5 readers!

So, with that being said, I’m starting “Shooting the Breeze”, which is just I guess a post about anything worth while mentioning. I did have a whole plan to blog about my Mother’s Day brunch but of course in typical fashion I forgot to document all of it. I was just enjoying my time with my family, which leads me to my little point of just living in the moment. Is there just a point where you just want to put the phone down and enjoy the moment in real time. Of course, you want to document your memories, I am a HUGE advocate of scrap booking but I must admit it was just really nice to spend a couple of hours on Sunday with my family, no phones and just good food and conversation.

I’ve never taken a social media break, but the thought of it is becoming more and more evident in my mind. When my boyfriend and I go out for dinner and I see the couple sitting next to us and both are just aimlessly staring at their phones, I think, when is enough, enough? I hope we never get to that point, honestly, I think it’s rather embarrassing. Do you have times when you just put the phone down? For us, we have a rule of no phones at dinner, elementary I know, but I believe it makes a world of difference. Lately I have had my iPhone turn off my Apps at 11pm because I need to wind down for bedtime, I’d like to on the week days start pushing it to 10 or 9 maybe but I don’t feel that brave yet. Does anyone else have certain NO PHONE times? I’d really love to hear about it.


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3 thoughts on “Shooting the Breeze Vol. 1

  1. Meals is definitely a no phones time in our house. I’ve got a Do Not Disturb set for night on my phone, but your suggestion about getting rid of the apps is interesting. I close them out before heading to bed but having the phone do it for me could really help.

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    1. Yes! I set up my screen time to be from 11pm-7am off. Which is just one added thing I need to turn off if I want to go for that midnight Instagram scroll lol 😂


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