Impromptu Day in South Hampton

I love going out to the Hampton’s in the off season. As I mentioned before I don’t like crowds, at all. So visiting South Hampton on a cold winters day is right up my alley! My boyfriend and I both had Friday off, and with our original plans cancelled we decided to take a drive out there. To be honest I didn’t take a lot of pictures because I was just enjoying my time with my guy but there are some places worthy of a mention!

We drove over to Duck Walk Vineyard for a wine tasting which was $10.00 each, for sampling 4 different wines. Z and I were the only people there for a Friday at 1pm so we got to have some great conversations with the bartender. He was extremely knowledgeable of all the wines. I really like the Blueberry Sparkling and their Pinot Meunier. My boyfriend liked a Reserve Red which I cannot find on their website, but we drank the whole bottle he bought so I know it must be good! We also tried their own absinthe, which was delicious I might add. I tried a lot of absinthe when I was in Europe and this was extremely good quality. Absinthe just became legal in the states, so you better believe we bought a bottle. And I think buying a bottle eliminates one of the wine tasting. But don’t quote me on it.

Duck Walk

Now slightly happier we made the super short drive, meaning next door, to the Parrish Art Museum. This was our main destination, I don’t need any excuse to hang around art galleries for the day. The Parrish Art Museum is relatively small to some of the other local art museums I have visited on the island. Currently its main exhibitions are a lot of contemporary art and then rooms dedicated to local artists of the art.  Its only $12.00 for entrance and I find it was worth it. The building alone is something to appreciate it and on this cold and cloudy day I feel like the architecture had this exact day in mind for his plan of the building. We probably did the whole museum in about an hour.


Working up an appetite we were recommended to visit Union Burger Bar right in the middle of South Hampton. I love it when you speak to the locals and they recommend their favorite spots. Unfortunately I took ZERO pictures, because I am not a food blogger and my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I dove right in. But their onion rings were outrageous, I got the chicken sandwich and Z built his own burger. The portions weren’t crazy either, sometimes I really don’t want to disconnect my jaw to take a bite out of something.

We decided to leave South Hampton after that, one Main Street there are a ton of local shops and things like that, but I opted to skip them. From there it’s about an hour drive back to Z’s apartment. We decided to stop along the way to one of my favorite parks. Prosser Pines County Park is located in Middle Island, NY, it’s pretty tiny not even making a mile on the trail. But overall the Pine Trees that live here are SPECTACULAR. It’s the only White Pine forest on Long Island, and the trees themselves have grown to almost 100 feet. No fee to get in as its opened to the public, if you look hard enough, although not really hard to find at all, there are a bundle of teepees there that you can walk into. I love this place, honestly its magically, highly recommend although I realize there isn’t much else to do around it.

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After that we went back to his apartment to check on our slow cooker pot roast meal and enjoy all the wine we bought. Nothing better than that I think !


Duck Walk Winery!

Parrish Art Museum

Union Burger Bar

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