Road trip to Tennessee on a Budget!

Does anyone hate being home for their birthday’s as much as I do? Just something about it doesn’t sit right with me. I think maybe it’s because of past birthdays gone terribly wrong at home and just my love for travel. SO I like being away for my birthday, and this year I turned 30. Yikes, the big 3-0 to be honest I feel no different. EXCEPT now I have major bills, and saving for a house, and all the other things one needs to save for entering their thirties. So no jumping on a plane to Greece or Iceland for me this year.

Couple Overlook

So my boyfriend and I sat and thought long and hard of where we could go, without flying, and spend not an obscene amount of money. We really like hiking and being outdoors so we picked the Great Smokey Mountains! GSMNP is about 12 hours from where we live on Long Island, not the worst drive in the world honestly. Instead of going for a hotel we opted for Airbnb, this way we can stay in and cook dinner on our own time. Which was a smart idea because restaurants close at like 9pm in the South, what’s up with that?!?!

This was actually my first Airbnb experience and if every experience is like this I am sooooo hooked!  This was again one of those moments that really were meant to happen. We searched through the Airbnb website and picked our favorites, Heavenly Views were both on our list but due to budget we opted for another. About a month before we were supposed to leave Airbnb notified us that THE HOUSE SOLD!!!!!!! What the actual hell. So taking this as a sign and due to it still be available we booked Heavenly Views. Boy did it not disappoint, the hosts were the nicest people, super responsive and they left the house in the most adorable state. We spent most of our time in the house on either of the two balconies, taking advantage of the most magically views of the valley or the hot tub!!

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Like I said being in the house gave us a kitchen and fridge that we were able to cook meals in, this is a great way to keep us within budget! So I am going to go over a little of what we spent to give you all an idea. I know this isn’t for everyone, a lot of peoples vacations is not cooking and cleaning up after each other.

We kept our budget for the week of $2000, this would be including, cabin, driving, food, omitting out souvenirs, because everyone needs a good magnet and moonshine to bring back! We figured we cook all of our breakfasts and make lunches at the house. We allotted two nights to go out for nice dinners. When we got into Tennessee we hit up a Walmart at 1pm on a Saturday, what a terrible idea, and got all the stuffs to feed ourselves. We kept it pretty simple, we got some bag dinners like PF Changs and Bertolli so that way we could just throw it in a skillet. We did get some steaks and veggies to make for my birthday dinner. The alcohol we brought with us from home from leftover parties we had. I don’t make the smartest choices when going out, normally my eyes are bigger than my stomach and I over eat. So I was happy to have these day to control what I was eating. We did end up driving to Knoxville and Asheville so we did eat out for lunch twice. But I have to say, making a sandwich and finding a nice spot in front of a waterfall or some ledge was pretty great too!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to do a vacation on a budget?? One thing a friend told me was to bring my own KCups! We are big coffee people and having a Keurig there already was a lifesaver! But does anyone else have any tricks, I’d be super keen on any advice!


Airbnb $  1,000.00
Walmart $     150.00
Dinner 1 $     140.00
Dinner 2 $        80.00
Gas + Tolls $     350.00
Lunch 1  $        80.00
Lunch 2  $        60.00
Total! $  1,860.00

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