What New Year’s Resolutions?


Is it just me, or is keeping up with a New Year’s Resolution just the most difficult thing.

I was never into them when I was younger. I think because I was already active, loaded up with lots of friends and I still liked going out after 9pm. Now I am a grandma, saving for my future, and just well, a bit boring.

January 1st is always just a great excuse to hit the reset button. New year, new me, I am going to go to the gym, maybe I’ll start yoga. And I can start a blog, and post all the time, and not drink for the month of January, and also not eat out so much. Well. I only started a blog, lol. Haven’t once gone to the gym, and the no drinking went out the door January 1st.

I guess its safe to say I normally bite off a bit more than I can chew. Is it wrong that I want to do a lot of things? Is it possible to do all of these things, of course, but life gets in the way. January is legitimately the busiest time for me at my job, we were on top of it down a team member and I was stretched to the very fiber of my being. Every day I got home and just wanted to do nothing more than collapse onto my couch and binge Downton Abbey, which I did.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to hit the big reset button on your life, but I feel like you must be 100% ready for it, and not rely on some stupid date. You can have a New Year Resolution in March, you could have it in September for all I care. You just need to be reasonable about it. For me the blog was my main priority, I love getting my thoughts out. I have a lot of plans for this thing. I just have to get better at planning my ideas out, which I am working on. I am sticking to it, and doing my weekly post. I feel a lot better after I publish it, and feel accomplished. This is a positive for me. Everyone needs an outlet, and this is a lot cheaper than therapy. I don’t care that its public and my little cousin is reading this right now, judging me…..

Resolutions can happen, it’s a firm decision to do something as per the dictionary. It doesn’t matter if you pick 1 thing or 10 things, its making the time to see it out. Recently I was talking about this with a friend, and I think its impossible to just go cold turkey on all of your normal habits. Start slowly, and be determined. Statically they say it takes 66 days to start a habit…..geeze I almost wish I didn’t look that up. But I feel like it only proves my point more, you aren’t going to get it all done in January, but instead bridge it over a time frame. Focus on the things you think you can obtain and then add onto it from there!

I have decided to try instead a doing more of this, less of that! I found this great chart from “Life with Me” which is one of my favorite blogs, and one I aspire to be more like ! www.lifewithme.com

So below is my list, what’s on yours?


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