10 things you probably don’t know about me….

So I figured I’d give a little about me. Every Blogger 101 guide says I need to do this. And to be honest I can’t decide what weekend guide I want to blog about this week so I’m giving this a go. So here’s 10 things you probably don’t know about me….

  1. I never graduated college. Life happened and I never finished. Its probably the only thing I regret about myself. Because if I could do college now, I’d be a CEO instead of just a manager. I did successfully dig myself out of my hole of loserville and got myself a career. I love that I am extremely proficient in it, and people value my opinion. And listen I do not think there is anything wrong with not going to college, I don’t have any student loans, so I am not in debt, that’s a huge plus. But I know that not having a degree will limit my succession a bit, but you better believe that I am one damn determined cookie.
  2. I am a neat freak!!!!!! I was Marie Kondo before Marie Kondo knew she was Marie Kondo. Let me organize your closet for you, but no seriously let me do it. Honestly I find it therapeutic to organize and let go of things. I am not big on clutter, or dust, or things out of place. Many times my friends have asked me to help move them in, or help them pack, and it’s like crack to me. The only thing I am probably not great at is folding, but everyone has their own flaws.Living Room
  3. I am also an organizational freak, like I said before, everything has its own place. I’m not a psychopath with it but I like the detail. I am organized with planning out my meals, to spread-sheeting my weekends or vacations. But also I organize my closets, drawers, cabinets, you name it. Listen I think its done nothing but help me, I have made the most of the apartment I live in.. I budget out my meals because I need to save and I live alone in one of the most expensive places in the country. I think one week I am going to document all of my spending, and either be pleasantly surprised or extremely disappointed.
  4. I only have Australia and Antarctica to visit to check every continent off my bucket list. I have had on my bucket list since I was a little girl that by the age of 30 I was going to visit every continent in the world. Now at 29, I have realized that 30 is not super old and I still think I have plenty of time. Plus I think I wanna take one of those grandma cruises to Antarctica and send a postcard to all of my grandchildren like “Hey I’m in Antarctic bitch!” – Love GrandmaTravel
  5. I have anxiety walking into places by myself.  Does anyone else have this? I can take a flight to China by myself and travel through it for 2 weeks alone no problem. But can I walk into the gym by myself or a restaurant and sit by myself at the bar-hell no. I don’t know what it is, but its such an anxiety ridden experience for me. I’m better now with Target and the grocery store because a girl has got to eat. But other places I have such a difficult time. I don’t know if its seeing a familiar face, or not seeing one at all, but it’s an issue. Does any one else go through this? How are you dealing with it?
  6. I don’t know north from south, east from west. If someone says to me its east of this road, or north of main street. I am wide eye and will blankly stare back at you desperate for some turn left or right. I hope one day I can fix this, but I feel like that ship has past already. I can read a map so I guess that’s helpful, but I hike a lot and if I ever find myself one day off path, I will need to resorted to moss supposedly growing on the north side of the tree because otherwise I’m fucked.
  7. I’m big on family -although I feel like this isn’t something that anyone needs to know. I am super thankful and blessed that I have a great family atmosphere. My parents still weirdly love each other, my brother is my closest friend in the world. We all get along and drink together and eat lots of food and laugh. I feel like people just don’t have that these days.Family
  8. I have 8 tattoos, people are always surprised about this one. Maybe its because I look like a nerd most of the time but yes, I have 8. Two of them are Friday the 13th tattoos which is my favorite day and favorite number. My favorite would have to be a Picasso sketching I got. The most sentimental would be a print I took off of my grandma’s vase. 


  9. I have a peanut allergy-everyone should know this, because when they send me gifts I don’t want nuts. Or chocolate, I don’t like chocolate either. You can send me instead chips. Chips and salsa make me a happy girl, or vodka.
  10. I have a hard time sticking to one thing at a time. Like right now I want to have like a go to hobby. This blog is going to be my go to hobby, but also photography is my hobby, and painting is a hobby. I need to work on sticking to something and becoming good at it. I feel I’d enjoy it better. I have however within my resolution for this year to make one blog post a week and then figure out my damn camera. Let’s see if this works guys!Processed with VSCO with kp4 preset

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I'm just a normal girl, giving the world of blogging a go.

5 thoughts on “10 things you probably don’t know about me….

  1. hello! loved your post about you. found myself there and had to let you know, I share that directional thing. I’ve never heard of another describing it like that. I get so lost, and it gives me acute panic. : )


  2. Have you heard of ‘Never Eat Shredded Wheat’ to remind you of North/South East/West? Going to feel like a right idiot if you mean it in terms of actually using a compass 🙄😂

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